Architecture & Self by Ilaria Orsini

Iekeliene-Stange-by-Ilaria-Orsini-Architecture-Self-Tank-7-Autumn-2013-1-610x915 Iekeliene-Stange-by-Ilaria-Orsini-Architecture-Self-Tank-7-Autumn-2013-2-610x915 Iekeliene-Stange-by-Ilaria-Orsini-Architecture-Self-Tank-7-Autumn-2013-6-610x915 Iekeliene-Stange-by-Ilaria-Orsini-Architecture-Self-Tank-7-Autumn-2013-7-610x915 Iekeliene-Stange-by-Ilaria-Orsini-Architecture-Self-Tank-7-Autumn-2013-12-610x915



Photos by Ilaria Orsini

Model Iekeliene Stange


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